The next seminar for small groups is planned in the
artist’s studio in upper Manhattan, New York,
(Riverside Drive / 158th Street,
Subway No. 1 @ 157th)

(Saturdays - Sundays, 10.30 a.m.– 6pm.):

The fee per participant is $ 450.-

Those of you familiar with the catalogue of Kremer
will know the range of mineral pigments includes
Azurite “Michael Price”. The New York based
British/American artist will make his vast knowledge and
results of his on-going pigment and binding medium research
available to Kremer's customers. Besides learning how to
employ many of the Kremer products, the main topics on
Renaissance painting techniques include:

1. Turning
crystals and rocks into pigment.
2. Purifying pigments by perfecting
levigation techniques
of the mineral pigments offered by Kremer Pigments.
3. The
painting support and ground, both traditional and
Binding mediums: distemper, egg tempera, casein, the
correct use of resins such as Venetian and Strasbourg
turpentine, Canada Balsam, oils including raw, sun-thickened,
stand oil and co-polymerised walnut and linseed oils.
Making oil paint and how to make modern synthetic
pigments luminous, including earth pigments.
6. The question of
varnish: traditional oil-resin varnishes
versus resin-solvent and modern synthetic varnishes.

New in 2014:
a. The Cennini Cennino method of producing natural
ultramarine from lapis lazuli
b. Wet and mordant gilding.
c. The Geometry of Harmonic Rectangles

All participants are encouraged to bring along examples of their
work in order to discuss any questions about their techniques or
technical issues. For many participants, this workshop is their first
experience with mineral pigments, so do not feel intimidated by the
gravity of history!!!!

For further details contact Michael Price directly at: or 1-212-694-8884.

(Note on payment: when three or four participants have
committed themselves to a workshop, they will be asked to
send a check of a $150 deposit. Sometimes participants travel
from abroad or fly within the US and it is not possible for me
to cancel a workshop when one or two participants cancel
with a few day's notice. These are exclusive and unique
workshops with three to five participants).
Renaissance painting techniques, mineral pigments, workshops, Kremer, Synopia
azurite, malachite, lapis lazuli, cinnabar, orpiment, realgar, vivianite, pyrolusite
azurite under microscope
crushed cinnabar
Equipment including pestels and mortars as well as a selection of rocks
and crystals
Rocks and crystals including: azurite, malachite, lapis lazuli, cinnabar,
orpiment, realgar, vivianite, pyrolusite
Azurite pigment particles under the microscope
The preparation of cinnabar
Weekend Workshops on Renaissance Painting Techniques:
The Preparation and Application of Natural and Mineral Pigments
In Collaboration with Kremer Pigments
Next course:
To be announced

Please send an email if you are interested in a
workshop. When there is a minimum of three
participants a workshop can be organised.
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