Chromatic Improvisations

No. 1,

No. 2,
Another Realm

No. 3,
in the Underworld

No. 4,
Aphrodite's Ecstasy

No. 5,
In Living Memory

No. 6,
Magnetic Fields

No. 7,
of Things Past

No. 8,
Just Jade

No. 9,
discovers her Echo

No. 10,
Song of the Forest

No. 11,
Daphne's Transfiguration

No. 12,
Birth of Venus
All works: 2015.
Natural and mineral pigments in casein distemper
on arches paper on stretched linen. Framed with black floater.
58.2 x 77.3 cm / 22.9 x 30.4 ins.
Copyright © Michael Price Inc.
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