Michael Price
Tempera and Oil Paintings with Gold Leaf, Natural and Mineral Pigments
Selection of Minerals, azurite, lapis lazuli, cinnabar, malachite, orpiment, realgar, vivianite, purpurite
cinnabar, crystals, natural colour, mineral pigments
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Michael Price, life drawing, nude, bistre ink, paper, fugurative
Making a Painting:
3 Months in 3 Minutes
Michael Price, studio, oil painitngs, tempera, distemper, natural colour, mineral pigments, Euclidean geometry
The artist in his Manhattan studio
Michael Price, New York artist, Homage to Dürer, Durer, Duerer, octahedron

Natural and Mineral Pigments
Homage to Dürer, Melencolia, Angel of Eternal Transience, gold leaf, natural colour, mineral pigments, truncated tetrahedron, geometry
Paintings with a difference
Fib image, azurite, mineral pigments

Mineral Pigments
under the Microscope
Michael price, x-radiograph, Tintoretto

The Geometry of Proportion:
Secrets under Paint Layers of
Renaissance Art
Michael price, realgar preparation, levigation, mineral pigments
Michael Price, New York, figurative, Nude, mineral pigments, oil paint, tempera